The Story Behind Cheap Websites and Web hosting

By Harshil Patel

Hi To all,

  Recently I have Seen a lot of Posts on social Media for Cheap Websites, They Provide Websites for business starting from 1000 Rs to 4000 Rs. Including Domain name and Hosting and Some with Professional Email address as well.(If You are not reading further Be sure to ask the website provider what the website will cost you from next year it will cost you nearly 5000 to 7000). 

 You Do get a complete website package for that price easily but there is some things hidden from you. I will tell you few things to keep in mind before opting for such websites providing services. (If you are already in trap with those kind of offers We have a way out for you too).

There are 3 things when it comes to a website.

1. Domain Name :  the cost depends on name or TLD you chose.

2 Website Hosting : where you will be keeping your website

3. Website Design cost : The cost, Developer charge for designing. 

There are big Giants like go daddy, host-gator, and so on..

They Will Provide a very Cheap package for the first year. Like When you buy managed word-press hosting first year that will only cost you 99 Rs and with annual purchase you get a free domain name and a Professional Email Address. but for next year onward you will be charged 449 Rs per month for hosting. so around  5600 Rs per year for hosting and around 1000 Rs to 1500 Rs for Email. and 400 to 1500 Rs for domain name. 

Freelancers out there can get a complete hosting and domain name package for around 1000 Rs. and They Add design cost as per their strategy.  Take it and Post it into a group as a complete package and provide website with domain and hosting for 2000 Rs to 4000 Rs.

But they do not see, what it will cost to you next year the cost for basic managed word-press increase from 99 Rs per month for first year to 449 Rs a month Plus Tax So on the next year you are already down with a bill of hosting of about 5400 Rs/- alone. for the rest of the period.

Plus a domain name which you got for free will cost you around 1000 Rs for each year. Email Address which you got free will cost you around 1000 to 1500 Rs per year. so from next year you will be paying more than you got website for.

Now at our website we have a cPanel Starter plan which cost you 119 Rs Per month for every coming years there might few drops or high depending on market situation. mostly drops. but the main thing is it will stay the same your next year cost for hosting will be around 1500 Rs for entire year. 

We Do have higher plan which we offer for low price for the first year just for you to try out our services but the basic packege for small business stays at the same rate as long as you host the website with us.

Domain Name 

 You can get domain name on godaddy or any other websites. for cheap as low as 150 to 250 Rs If you purchase it for 2 years. But what they hide from you is if you buy domain at this cost Every coming year you will be paying approx 1000 Rs for the domain.

Now if you buy the same name from our website it will cost you around 599 Rs/- much higher than other websites but the cost for renewal every year will be around 850 Rs. each year. if you opt for a higher price in start you will be saving around 200 Rs each year. 

Now If you are already fall for the trap and got a website which will cost you more next year we have a great offer for you.

Send us your detail. and when the free 1 year is going to end for you. once your 1 year is over. you can transfer your domain to our website and have a extension of 1 year free for first year. and you will be paying for domain name after second year which will be less than the amount which  you will be paying to other registrars. 

once you transfer the domain to our website you can enjoy our cPanel starter package which cost you 119 Rs /- per month and your total website maintenance  cost will cut down to approx 2000 to 2500 Rs per year. our experienced Migration experts will move your website to our hosts for free of charge. you will be only paying for hosting. which is approx 1500 Rs for 1 year avoiding of 7000 Rs which you could have paid to other hosting providers.

When it comes to support. If your website is down lets say you are with big giants hosting provider. Once you call the support. you need to wait for atleast 15 to 30 min listening to music just to register your issue. the time it takes to solve the issue will be additional.

Your website might be stay down for a day in case of issues. and if that downtime is fine for you probably you should’t have a website in the first place.

In our business downtime of a minute counts.

we provide quick 24/7 Service. you can call us anytime. we give you 99.9% up-time guarantee as well.

If you are already using package like this you can contact us with the details like when the current period of your hosting will end and you will be charged more. so we will remind you to move your website with us. and you can enjoy a free year of domain and cost effective best hosting plan which will cost you same for coming years.

And for all website designers and developers. if you have fall through this schemes. You can contact us as well we all can work together to save all of your clients money and you may continue to provide your clients great support you are providing right now.

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